Nutrition is the single most influential component of health. Optimal nutrition and the level of nutrient intake is highly variable from person to person, and is based upon biochemical individuality, genetic heritage and blood type. As we age our optimal nutrient status and biochemical processes become impaired leading to manifestations of disease. Some components affecting our nutritional status include:

  • Food-Nutrient intake : Variations in food processing, organic vs non-organic, freshness, fortification.
  • Digestion of nutrients : Adequate hydrochloric acid, digestive enzymes, bioavailability, medications that may interfere such as antacids.
  • Absorption of nutrients : Intestinal competence, food allergies, mal-absorption, medications.
  • Nutrient requirements : Disease states, stress, sex, environmental factors, age, drugs, genetics.
  • Nutritional status : Total of previous items.

Understand how to optimize your nutritional status and allow us to create an individualized program based upon your specific needs and particular body chemistry. We can measure blood levels of all vitamins and minerals, assess food allergies and intolerances and determine biochemical disregulation.