Metabolism & Biochemistry

Biochemical individuality is important to understand because it is what shapes your health.  Some of us are better at detoxifying drugs and chemicals than others. One individual will need higher levels of nutrients than another to be healthy. It is important to understand that for optimal functioning we all have unique nutritional and environmental needs.  There is no such thing as an average person.  We are all genetically and biochemically unique. At IHC online, we offer two tests to analyze your unique biochemical and nutritional status:

  • Comprehensive Organic Acids Test
  • Red blood cell vitamin and mineral levels

The Organic acid test measures 36 cellular metabolites or “waste products” produced from proteins, fats and carbohydrates that the body uses in its daily functioning.  These markers tell us about how well your body is making energy, if you have certain nutritional deficiencies, how well you are making neurotransmitters and if you have an overgrowth of bacteria. So more specifically, we are looking at your cellular energy, biochemical cofactors, ability to detoxify, and bacterial metabolism.


Often organic acid tests are run for people who suffer from chronic fatigue, autism, fibromyalgia, poor exercise tolerance, obesity and for those who wish to optimize their health. Red blood cell vitamin and mineral levels are measured to determine if an individual has a deficiency or excess of B-vitamins, Vitamin A, E, betacarotine, CoQ10, calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, vanadium, and selenium. How well is your body digesting your food? Are your nutrients getting to your cells? How good is your diet and supplement program? You will learn the answers to the previous questions by taking this test.  Customize your vitamin and mineral supplementation and diet to meet your specific needs.