Anti-Aging and Longevity

Do you feel sluggish and under the weather? Having trouble with stamina or weight gain?  Have you been under a lot of long term stress?  As we age it is scientifically proven that the levels of our hormones and neurotransmitters gradually decline contributing to the “aging” process.

You can use your Naturopathic Medical visit to have complete hormone, neurotransmitter and biochemical assessments.  Some examples of our introductory packages for anti-aging and preventative health include:

Male health panel

This panel includes an expanded hormone assessment for men including: Testoterone, Androstendione, Dihydrotestosterone, Estradiol, Estrone, and DHEA.

Adrenal Health Profile

This panel is offered to assess adrenal health and is often used for patients suffering from fatigue, long term stress, insomnia and anxiety.  The panel includes 2- DHEA and 4- Cortisol levels.


Growth hormone

A very important anti-aging hormone and when deficient can result in increased body fat, reduced strength, depressed mood, and poor muscular tone. The panel includes measuring the level of growth hormone.

Bio-Terrain Testing

The Bio-Terrain Test is the latest generation in-office evaluation for determining your unique body chemistry.  It is important when creating nutritional protocols to understand that everyone is unique and must be treated on an individual basis.  Patients who appear to have similar conditions may have differing biochemistries which require different methods of treatment.  Based on the Bio-Terrrain, changes can be made at the cellular level that helps our bodies to naturally prevent and treat illness and disease.

All packages include a 1 hour initial consultation, a written therapeutic protocol and a half-hour follow-up.  IHC Online is a unique facility based in Calgary offering advanced medical testing, and therapeutic protocols for optimal health.