Chelation Therapy

Detoxification of Heavy metals

Contamination of water, air and food by numerous toxic chemicals and heavy metals is an unfortunate by-product of our complex, industrialized modern society. The resultant accumulation of heavy metals in the body poses a significant health risk, leading to a wide array of diseases. Some of the signs and symptoms can include anemia, learning difficulties, reduced intelligence, behavioral changes, poor immunity, tremor gingivitis, hypertension, irritability, memory loss, fatigue and headaches. Some diseases that may be associated with heavy metal toxicity are multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, infertility and cancer.

Chronic mercury toxicity from occupational, environmental, dental amalgam and contaminated food such as fish can be a significant threat to health and vitality.


Other heavy metals including lead, cadmium and arsenic, can also be found in the body due to cigarette smoke, pesticides, welding, lead-glaze, water and PVC leaching. Heavy metals are know to block the activity of essential enzyme systems of the body, suppress immune function, enhance free radical damage and increase aging, cause DNA mutations, inhibit the absorption of nutritional minerals and contribute to overgrowth of “yeast” and other possible organisms. At this point you must be wondering what can be done about this? The first step is to determine the tissue burden or “load”. This can be accomplished by giving a chelating agent intravenously or orally that will bind to heavy metals and allow them to be excreted by the kidney. The urine can then be checked for levels and types of toxic heavy metals excreted. In my office the most common heavy metals that I find in excess are mercury, aluminum and lead. Each metal has an affinity to different chelating agents for example DMPS has an affinity for mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic whereas EDTA is commonly used for lead and iron. There are natural chelating agents such as chlorella, cilantro, garlic and vitamin C. The supplements and therapies mentioned will aid the body in eliminating heavy metals over time and move one toward optimal health.

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