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Integrative health online offers innovative laboratory testing and services for a variety of health concerns.

Genetics Testing

Technology has revolutionized medicine … read more

Neurotransmitter Panel

This is an excellent panel for general neurotransmitter … read more

Female Hormone Panel

This panel is offered to assess adrenal health and is … read more

Male Hormone Panel

This panel includes an expanded hormone assessment … read more

Thyroid Health Panel

This panel is a very thorough measurement … read more

Allergy Testing

This test identifies both immediate and delayed hypersensitivities to up to 140 different food and environmental … read more

Immunology Testing

We offer a variety of tests for evaluating the immune system. Please contact us for more information … read more

Toxicology Testing

This test is used to determine the “burden” of heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, … read more

General Health & Metabolic Panels

We at the natural mood cure offer complete laboratory … read more