Neural Prolotherapy

What does Neural Prolotherapy treat?

NPT treats any chronic or acute pain conditions due to motor vehicle accident, sports injury, repetitive use injury, strains, sprains, poor posture, surgery scars etc. NPT also treats patients experiencing impingement syndromes, restricted range of motion, inflammation and swelling.

What should I expect after the first treatment? 

In the first session you will notice either complete or significant removal of pain and your range of motion will be restored significantly or completely.

How long does the treatment last? 

The first treatment offers pain relief for anywhere from 4 hours to 4 days or longer. Each consecutive treatment builds on the previous creating longer periods of relief until complete healing is achieved.


Remember, every patient responds differently and the extent of the inflammation typically determines the period of analgesia.

 How many treatments do I need? 

Everyone is different however it is recommended that you commit to 6-8 treatments

How does it work?

5% Dextrose (a sugar) & pure saline (water) arte injected beneath the skin surface with a tiny needle over the commonly constricted regions of nerves. Dextrose works by immediately blocking the receptor in the nerve (TRPV-1 or Capsacin receptor) which is the principal regulator of pain and inflammation. This leads to healing beneath the nerve to deeper structures like tendon & joint (Hilton’s law).

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