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Dr Janssens has created a model for optimizing health and well-being.  She specializes in the assessment and correction of neurotransmitters, hormones and physical terrain of the body.  Dr Janssens can help you effectively identify and address physical and/or emotional health conditions.

Neural Prolotherapy

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Neural Therapy

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Ozone|Oxygen Therapy

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Natural Mood Care

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Anti-Aging Care

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Intravenous Therapy

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Personal Growth

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Natural Hormone Replacement

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Stem Cell Treatment

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Treatment Approach (Step by Step Overview)


Fill Out Comprehensive Questionaire
The questionnaire gives us an understanding of your general health history as well as specific organ and endocrine imbalances.


Initial Consultation
This initial consultation provides an opportunity to assess your health goals, review your health questionnaire and determine which testing is required to effectively address any physical imbalances.


Advanced Medical Testing
The assessment includes neurotransmitter, hormone, bio-chemical, terrain and metabolic testing.  Further medical testing is determined on an individual basis.


Comprehensive Health Assessment
A comprehensive program and therapeutic protocol is developed based upon the advanced medical testing and your initial visit.


Second Consultation
During this consultation we address your comprehensive health program which includes:
  • Nutritional Supplements (amino acids, botanical, vitamin and mineral supplements)
  • Personalized Dietary Plan
  • Personal Growth Strategies


Ongoing Support and Re-Testing
During this process we offer ongoing support which may include further testing, individual counseling, nutritional counseling and modification of program.