Love Yourself

Awareness & Personal Growth Workshops


Self-Retrieval: Have you ever felt as though you are not whole or have given some part of your self away?  If you have been feeling lost, disjointed, depressed, anxious or empty you may be experiencing loss of vital energy and or aspects of your soul or spirit-self.  This experiential class teaches you how to connect with and integrate lost aspects of self-using ancient Tibetan, Native American and Modern Cognitive Approaches.

Take Refuge in Your Heart – Being Peace & Love: Living in the heart takes constant practice and self-enquiry. We will spend the day working through and understanding the various barriers that prevent us from experiencing and living in our natural state of profound joy and peace.

Light and Sound – Dissolving Blocks in Energy and Consciousness: We will spend the day energetically cleansing and shifting that what no longer serves us through light and sound. Crystal bowls, voice and other instruments are utilized for a balancing of our energy systems.

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